Thursday, April 27, 2006

Prepaid Phone Card Afghanistan Credit Cards

Am I losing my mind or what? I vote for the what answer. Anyrate I just spent several hours tearing my home office apart looking for my tax return from last year. I combed through storage bins, looked over file after file, and a big fat nada. Talk about frustration level through the roof. I even got the whole family involved in the seek and find. I was about to call it quits and just go online and get the forms from the government website, when I sat down at my desk. And guess what I saw? The file right on my desk, exactly where I now remembered I had set it last night so that I could start right away. And that only made my frustration magnify. Wow, what a waste. This is the last damn time I am going to set something out a day before just to make it easy for myself the next day. Yeah, right. That only works if you have no life and no variety of projects to juggle. After all that I am throwing in the towel for today and just going to get some downtime on the web and just browse the site on prepaid phone card afghanistan I started looking at yesterday.


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